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*Doula means- to serve


Marki and Frankie are death doulas helping those living with heavy hearts love and enjoy life, before death.  With spiritual guidance and the practice of  "letting go", they serve to transform a heart of stone into a heart as 

        Light As a Feather.  

Death is inevitable, however, it is the one thing people fear the most.  As we learn to accept death, we learn to embrace Life.  We are ALL infinite spiritual beings having a temporary human experience!  Help us to help you "Love What Is" and live the remainder of your life with inner love, acceptance and peace. 








Meet your Doulas of "Death"



Nine Gates Graduate, Massage Therapist, End-of Life Doula, Reiki


   Marki was born and raised in Murray, Utah. She has always  

has a deep connection with  "God" and all creations.  She had her

own experience with "death" which led her to a passion

of helping others live with a light and feathery heart before death. 

Marki graduated from Nine Gates School where she

was taught by 10 Master teachers from the Hawaiian, African,

Native American, Spiritual Psychology, Sufi, esoteric Christian,

Hindu, Sound healing, Kabbalah and Buddhist wisdom traditions. 


                          Comforting Emotional Support Doula

Frankie was born in San Diego, CA.  He is a calm, sweet 5 years old

hypoallergenic labradoodle. He enjoys the mountains, park, beach

and loves to play ball. Frank loves to comfort those with inner pain

and heal them with his energy, acceptance, comfort, peace, respect,

joy and love.  He has volunteered in schools, in senior living centers,

with our veterans and comforted those in recovery.






Doulas of "Death" care companions to enhance ones life before death (serving San Diego and surrounding areas) 

~Care, peace and comfort 

~Licensed massage healing/reiki 

~Comforting dog doula (loving, soft, calming)

~Sound healing (singing bowl, Native American flute)


~Journaling (written and/or audio) 

~Chakra balancing

~Guidance for self-love and peace






Additional Services  for those suffering from loneliness, grief, sadness, dementia and memory loss. For inner happiness and peace.

~Explore San Diego with Marki and Frank  

~Game therapy

~Arts, crafts and photography for healing ones heart 



Ancient Egypt 

Weighing of the Heart

After death the heart is weighed against the feather of Maat (goddess of truth and justice).  If the heart is light, a person would go into the Land of two fields filled with joy, happiness and loved ones who had passed before them. If the heart is heavy, they would be stuck in the underworld forever, or just disappear.




Providing non-medical care, trust and companionship before, during, and after death-

Text or Call to find out how we may be of service

~Highly Confidential, Trusting Care~






                                                                                                                     Marki and Frank 


*An End-of-Life Doula is a holistically trained, non-medical, “companion”, whose primary job is to offer an

extra layer of care and emotional support before, during, and after a death.

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